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Corporate Issues and Disputes

Is a contentious business or corporate dispute threatening to drag you or your Southern California area business into state or federal court? Are you or your business on the receiving end of fraudulent or illegal behavior or a contractual breach? Is someone making troublesome claims against you or your business and/or threatening litigation?

Aggressive Business Lawyers Who Understand Your Circumstances

The sad truth is that there are few aspects of business more disruptive and distressing than when a person or company is forced to deal with a lawsuit, or is compelled to pursue a claim against an unethical adversary. And no matter who you are — or how high your corporate profile might be — litigation disputes can be costly in both monetary and emotional resources. A protracted lawsuit can suck the lifeblood out of your business’s bottom line, sapping time and resources away from your company’s goals and objectives. Ongoing litigation steals energy that would be better utilized for your company’s growth and instead channels it into resolving a crisis often dumped in your lap by someone else.

You do not have to jump into the often bewildering world of law and litigation on your own. The good news: help is at hand. The business attorneys at Delman Vukmanovic LLP will work tenaciously to shut the opposition down before you might even have to see the inside of a courtroom.

If you find yourself faced with unavoidable civil litigation, we pride ourselves on a demonstrated ability to provide our clients a range of options to resolve their cases as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our business lawyers have established a highly respected reputation for reliably and customarily delivering superior results, one client at a time

Economically Viable “Outside” In–House Counsel

If your company could benefit from the advice and guidance of in–house counsel, yet cannot justify the cost of a full–time legal team, please contact us to discuss a cost–efficient “virtual in–house” alternative.

As “virtual in–house” counsel, our attorneys pride themselves on being up–to–speed with your business’s needs, affording you rapid response and flexibility in emergency situations to effectively avoid litigation, and aggressively representing you in the courtroom when necessary.

And should a business opportunity or fortuitous acquisition suddenly appear that demands immediate negotiation assistance, your in–house transactional team is just a phone call away, ready to stand by your side and craft an agreement that suits your needs and terms. Over the years, the firm’s lawyers have built a strong reputation around sound business judgment, ongoing evaluation of risks and benefits, and clear and open communication with our clients.

Business Lawyers who know the “Ins and Outs” of Los Angeles and Orange County

In the current rough–and–tumble business environment, problems are virtually unavoidable, and many attractive deal opportunities are not available for an extended period of time. Whether someone is claiming you’ve breached a contract — or you’re the aggrieved party – or there’s a deal you need to close right away — Delman Vukmanovic LLP will take efficient and effective measures to quickly and definitively resolve your dispute, close your transaction, or help protect your business from attack.


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