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Intellectual Property and Internet Litigation

Intellectual Property Litigation

An idea or work that has been generated through creative efforts and has tangible value is considered an intellectual property. Protected by law through patents, copyright and trademarks, intellectual property can include literary works, artistic expressions and designs, inventions, and unique digital creations. While any creative or intellectual innovation or expression that can be used commercially is considered an intellectual property, the individuals and businesses recognized as lawful owners of these items can garner significant financial rewards. It is because of their potential and long–lived value that ownership of intellectual properties sometimes falls into dispute.

Delman Vukmanovic LLP lawyers have extensive intellectual property litigation experience, including the following:

Trademark Infringement Claims

A trademark is a protected sign or expression that communicates the identity of a business, and so is a very valuable aspect of that business’s public face. Protecting a trademark from unauthorized use—or from a confusing similarity to a competitor’s trademark—is critical to maintaining a vibrant and robust corporate presence.

Copyright Infringement Claims

A copyright protects the most basic element of many businesses: specific expressions of ideas. Cases of infringement call for immediate and aggressive response.

Substantial Similarities

Key to many copyright infringement cases is the degree to which contested details are similar in specifics and expression.  Our attorneys have practical and nuanced experience dealing with the intricacies in these tricky situations.

Trade Secrets

Unauthorized use or dissemination of trade secret can be injurious to a business; litigation may be necessary to stem any damage caused by such breaches.

Licensing Agreements

Disputes over terms of Licensing Agreements related to trademarks or intellectual properties can be settled through mediation or, if necessary, litigation.

Trademark Office Litigation

Our attorneys have the experience and strategic tenacity to navigate the often complex configuration of copyright and trademark offices.

Moreover, our attorneys have worked on cases involving copyright infringements related to high–profile motion pictures and recording artists.


Internet Litigation

The business world that has grown out of the Internet is a dynamic one, constantly innovating and expanding in scope and potential. Through booms and busts and new business innovations, the Internet has often been compared to the Wild West because the emerging laws put forth by national legislators can hardly keep up with the reality they were established to regulate.

Our attorneys have successfully represented interests in cases involving:

Social Media Litigation

The ubiquity of social media and the often unbridled exposure of private information has recently given rise to cases of defamation, unfair competition, and cyber bullying.

Internet Class Actions

Internet entity incompetence or malfeasance can lead to damages on a large scale.

Domain Name Litigation

A company’s domain name is as valuable as any other element reflecting brand and corporate identity. Just as you would not allow anyone to steal your real estate, protecting your domain name is of critical importance.


Defamation can include the posting of malicious disinformation, the unauthorized sharing and dissemination of private information, misrepresentation and identity theft.

Computer Crimes

Computers are tools, albeit sophisticated ones. The use of computers in felonious and deceitful enterprises requires equally sophisticated legal defense to protect the interests of victims caught up in complex criminal scenarios.

Disputes Involving the Computer Fraud Act

The Computer Fraud Act revolves around the unauthorized access of protected computers to illegally gain money or information.

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