Practice Areas

Virtual In-House Counsel

For many businesses, full–time legal services are a crucial but prohibitively expensive necessity. If you find that your business needs ongoing in–house counsel but cannot justify keeping a legal team on a full–time basis, please contact us to discuss our affordable “virtual in–house” counsel services. Our legal team has successfully confronted and resolved various issues posed by our business clientele in pressing matters pertaining to both transaction as well as litigation scenarios. As virtual in–house counsel, we become intimately familiar with your business and its specific requirements. Our lawyers are available and up–to–speed when it comes to your business’s needs, affording you rapid transaction guidance as well as immediate response and flexibility in emergency situations to effectively avoid litigation, and/or aggressively represent you in the courtroom when necessary.

Employment Counseling

As important as the financial well–being of any business concern is the well–being of the relationship between employer and employee. This relationship greatly determines not only the culture and efficiency of the business, but the residual impact of the employee’s effect on the business’s customers and clients. Our attorneys offer structured guidance to employers and employees to keep their professional relationships operating smoothly.

A business that has each rule and expectation between employer and employee spelled out in a clear and well–defined manner can operate without confusion. Incidents of discipline are handled more gracefully when all of the rules have been explicitly explained and established when the employee was initially engaged. Utilizing employee handbooks and one–to–one communication, we help facilitate clear communication and understanding among staff.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property describes a commercially viable asset set forth in the form of an idea or work that comes to fruition through creative or intellectual efforts. Our extensive litigation background in the area of Intellectual Property puts us in the enviable position of understanding what works best in the deal making and product launch stage. Because our attorneys are familiar with the kinds of things that typically can go wrong when these assets are infringed upon, we offer our clients time–tested guidance when it comes to protecting these assets through the issuance of patents, copyright protection and trademarks. We offer counsel and prepare contracts relative to such relevant matters as:

  • Copyright
  • Trade Secrets and Non–Disclosure Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Sales and Authorship
  • Trademark Searches and Registrations

Internet Policies / Terms and Conditions

The commercial potential of the Internet has been expanding and changing for the last 20 years. New developments in content and technology are constantly offering new business opportunities. Laws and regulations set to manage and oversee Internet conduct and commerce can scarcely keep up with all the robust advancement. As the scope of Internet content and commerce continues to expand, so does the need for diligent legal protection and guidance. Our services related to Internet policy include implementing of privacy policies and terms of use for Internet–related businesses.

The Bottom Line

Over the years, our attorneys have worked hard to establish our strong standing in both the transactional and litigation arenas. These reputations are based on consistent demonstrations of sound business judgment, ongoing evaluation of risks and benefits, and our communication skills, both verbal and written. We offer clear and open communication with our clients… clear and persuasive communication with judges… and clear and firm communication with adversarial attorneys.

If your business can use transactional experience honed by years in the litigation trenches, please do not hesitate contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation with our lawyers today.

Our initial consultations are complimentary.

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